Also known as the low season, for anyone letting out an apartment or house it is a time when they may be fewer tenants around, or at least a different mix of potential customers. That said, rainy season is a time when the longer-term deals can more easily be struck, since a good number of the people visiting off peak are here to stay for longer.


Still, first and foremost with the rain par say in mind there are plenty of things to do to ensure that you are not affected by the water itself. For condos and houses alike, ensure that windows are not leaking by throwing a few buckets of water at them and seeing how they perform. Better to know early than to find out in a rainstorm. If there are any leaks it may be time to renovate the frames of the windows and/or the windows themselves. It could be a good time to upgrade existing windows to double glazing as these will not only protect from rain water better but will also provide great noise proofing, something that will be beneficial all year round. 


Look also to ensure sliding patio or balcony doors are moving well and are not getting any water ingress. A check on the drainage system on a balcony or patio is also essential, otherwise the bottom of the windows could be come waterlogged and this will affect their ability to close and open. If you have furniture on a balcony such as a dining set then it would be wise to bring this inside. Laminated wood especially can become split after  numerous cycles of rain and Property.