Sweating while riding your bike is an unavoidable thing. Butt sweat, in particular, can be especially problematic. Because your seat comes into contact with your rear end, there is a lack of air flow to your tush, meaning sweat has a hard time evaporating. Instead, it tends to soak into whatever you are wearing, potentially creating a fashion disaster. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), looking like you peed your pants in public tends to be frowned upon. As butt sweat tends to be both unavoidable while riding a bike and socially unacceptable when you get off of it, I will give you some tips and tricks to help you with this problem.

First of all: While I’m typically a fan of riding in whatever you happen to be wearing, for longer rides it makes sense to have a more thought out outfit. Avoid wearing plaincolored cotton bottoms on your bike, like jeans. Cotton soaks up the sweat and holds it. It takes a long time for jeans and other cotton clothes to dry in comparison to other types of fabrics. Also, plain colors make the color change from wet to not wet very obvious.

Method 1: Get a pair of workout specific bottoms made of sweat wicking material. The wicking action will help move the sweat away from your butt to allow it to evaporate more easily. Black is also the best color to get, in my opinion, as it is difficult to see a color change from wet to not wet. Alternatively, you could also get a pair of padded bike shorts. The chamois padding inside is designed to soak up the sweat caused from riding.

Method 2: Get a colorful small print size patterned bottom. The pattern will hide the boundary between wet and not wet, and the colors are more fun to wear than black. Colorful bottoms also hide dirt better than solid colors, so you can get away with wearing them more times between washes.

Other tips: A sweaty butt (or any other place) is more than just a fashion offense: it can be a haven for bacteria, and cause you some nasty problems with infections. Powder is your friend. Powder up before you head out and whenever you feel like you are getting excessively swampy. A dusting anywhere skin touches skin is a great idea: Butt crack, butt/thigh fold, under the boobs, in the armpits.  I actually use mentholated powder here in Thailand. It is cooling and feels very nice. I’m not sure how easy it is to find other places in the world, so the picture to the right is of another highly recommended (from other bikers) brand for the purpose.

If you are going to be taking a break for 30 minutes or more, I suggest getting out of your sweaty bottoms as quickly as possible and letting them dry out in the sun. A loose flowing skirt pulled over your riding pants provides the modesty you need to slip them off if there is no bathroom to change in. If possible, rinse the area off or use a baby wipe to get some of the sweat and salt off before powdering up again. Going commando allows things to air out better also, and should be seriously considered if you are comfortable doing so.

Having a sweaty butt can be a nuisance, but it can be managed with the right kind of bottoms and sanitary techniques. Don’t let a little sweat stop you from getting off your bike and exploring your world!

Do you have any other ways to prevent or hide butt sweat caused from riding a bike? Tell me about it in a comment below.

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